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Qualitech training is staffed by business professionals who are technology experts that always put your business and personal needs first. Most of our professional trainers, actively use or have field experience in the software, hardware, networking systems, etc. that they will training you on. Each session is designed to answer your specific needs rather than the “read from the manual” training most other provide.

Training is available on site and via the Internet and includes a needs analysis prior to training to ensure that the most value is gained by each client during the training.

Training is provided for:

  • Skyline: (by people who have actually used the software in a PM business!)
  • Facility Wizards software
  • TABS3
  • PracticeMaster
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Outlook corporate Setup
  • Blackberry, iPhone and Android phones and auto syncing
  • Altigen Phone Systems
  • Document Management
  • Network Administration
…or customized to your specifications

Proper training is often the key to the successful and profitable use of your system!

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Or Email: elissa@qualitech.net


Consulting Services

Using our 25 years of experience Qualitech provides a unique and personal approach to Business Consulting services.  Instead of representing Qualitech we put ourselves in your place, become a partner in the process and always, always put your needs and goals ahead of seductive technologies.  Often our staff is transparent to outside parties and we promise that our analysis, conclusions and recommendations will always be honest and forthright - even if it means you no longer need our services!  Qualitech provides

  • Business and Computer Consulting
  • RFP Consulting and Development
  • Short & Long Term Development Planning
  • Integration with third party vendors
  • Process Analysis
  • Software and Hardware Evaluation
  • Network Outsourcing
  • Cloud - Private and Public

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