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Managed Services

Qualitech offer a high level but affordable 24/7 monitoring of your complete network and any workstations that you choose.  The monitoring constantly evaluates multiple aspects of your network and computers and instantly sends an email regarding the irregularity or failure of any vital part.  Often we can fix the problem even before you are aware of it or have someone at your site to correct the anomaly before it disrupts your business.

If you have an IT person or staff we can send the notifications to them for immediate actions.  It evens includes monitoring updates and patches and be set to automatically apply them or alert you and us to their availability.

The managed services can be strictly monitoring, notification, can include service or can be comprehensive and cover 90% of your maintenance expense for maintaining your network as a fixed monthly investment.  The choice is yours but any of our managed services options provides you the confidence that your network is being monitored consistently and your potential and expensive downtime is dramatically reduced.

This provides you with the security and expense savings of getting things attended to before they cause an expensive repair and even more expensive business interruption.

It’s the insurance you need to prevent serious downtime!