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SKYLINE manages and automates monthly billing, automatically calculating late charges and printing late notices to enhance cash flow. Revenue that may have "slipped through the cracks" with other systems is under control with SKYLINE.


Accurate billing - Manage and automate monthly billing as well as invoicing of one-time and monthly charges and the set-up of date-sensitive invoices.

Handle exceptions - Handle any charges outside of the monthly billing cycle. Invoice a single tenant, a group of tenants, or an entire property with flexible charge codes that allow you to customize billing statements regardless of their complexity.

Print credit memos - Automatically print credit memos, calculate service tax, and even print on pre-printed multi-part forms.

Billing automation – Create and distribute auto-billing and laser statements, payment coupons, late notices and invoices for single and master lease tenants. Automatically compute, schedule and invoice complex pass-through calculations and escalations, including CAM, CPI increases and taxes. Use electronic funds transfer (EFT) of cash receivables from tenants and payables to vendors and Bank Lockbox Interface to deposit rent and cash directly in your account. Increase cash flow from on-time collections and real-time posting of cash receipts.

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Elissa Z. Grossman
Director-Sales, Marketing and Business Development

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