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IBSWIN™ The Perfect Front-end for Home Builders

Pharaoh's Integrated Builder Series (IBSWIN) is specifically designed for medium-sized production homebuilding companies. This construction management software provides sales tracking, reporting, options ordering, purchasing, subcontractor bidding, contract creation, customer service and warranty control, scheduling and design automation capabilities.

IBSWIN is a modular-based design, meaning customers only use the modules they need, the company said. The modules include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • The Sales Manager Plus module tracks customers from the moment they visit a model home to the time they are settled into one. Sales Manger Plus also offers an automated buyer qualifying process, professional looking print-outs and the ability to track all critical dates in the escrow cycle, the vendor said.
  • The Design Studio Plus module allows designers to fully automate the paper processes involved in designing a home, such as placing orders for flooring and windows. The Design Studio Plus database consists of pricing, suppliers, installer information, allowances and much more.
  • Options Plus was created to assist sales departments through the final selection of options with a homebuyer; it generates accurate options orders and purchase orders to subcontractors, the vendor said. The Options Plus database provides the pricing, supplier, subcontractor and cut-off data needed to generate orders.
  • IBSWIN's Purchasing Power module assists purchasing departments with contract preparation and the printing of critical reports.
  • Scheduler Plus is composed of reports designed by construction managers and is intended for use by residential home builders, said the vendor. Scheduler Plus includes unlimited task definition, Pocket PC-based field updating via TracTime (a project management tool created by National Schedule Masters), and master schedules that allow you to tailor your construction tasks for each construction phase, the vendor said.
  • Finally, IBSWIN's Batch Faxing module is integrated with Zetafax faxing software to let users send individual or bulk faxes directly from the Options Plus and Customer Service modules. Additionally, by integrating with Zetafax, Batch Faxing enables users to fax all their documents from any program on their computer and all reports in IBSWIN.


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