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IBSWIN™ The Perfect Front-end for Home Builders

Integrated Builder Series for Windows Specialized Software for Homebuilders


IBSWIN was developed to serve homebuilders' needs for prospect and client management, scheduling and improved financial control.  Whether your business is single-family or multi-family, single lot custom homes or large scale developments, IBSWIN can help you keep track of your prospects and clients, construction schedule, sales agreements, option orders and more.

For total efficiency, IBSWIN can link your remote sales office to your home office via "Citrix Server", and with the convenient modular design, you implement only the modules you need to suit your specific business processes.


IBSWIN Modules:

Sales Manager Plus

A full prospect and buyer database that fully automates sales agreement processing, tracks key dates in the escrow cycle and provides for comparison of prospects' mortgage plan alternatives.  Allows comprehensive reporting on all information in the database and automated communication of sales information from the models to the home office.

Options Plus

Generate accurate, complete option orders and always be assured of correct pricing, suppliers, cut-off dates and other vital data.  Auto-generate purchase orders and a hard copy option order for customer approval.  Reporting functions allow you to easily determine the most popular options.

Scheduler Plus

Easily set up the initial construction schedule and update on a daily or weekly basis.  Designed by and for construction managers, this module provides simple and concise information on each home under construction.

Customer Service Plus

Give your customer service department the resources to quickly respond to problems and easily monitor completion of repairs.  Insures customer satisfaction and enhances the "quality image" of your company by providing timely reports and scheduling quick resolutions to customer concerns.

Purchasing Power

Provide your purchasing department the tools they need to fully automate contract and purchase order preparation and printing of all necessary reports and documents.  Also provides a simple electronic interface to BudgeTrac and other construction accounting packages to eliminate redundant data entry.

Designer Plus (Flooring)

This valuable module provides instant access to product availability, suppliers and supplier pricing, installers and installation costs.  Quickly provide accurate quotes to clients with questions about flooring upgrades, and give your buyers the ability to comparison shop and determine applicable designer commissions right from their desktop.


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