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Sage MAS 90 ERP™

One of the most important decisions you can make for your growing business is
choosing software that allows you total control, integration, connectivity, and visibility
of every facet of your company. Sage MAS 90 provides a complete system that delivers
end-to-end capabilities and averts common business problems throughout your entire enterprise.

Comprehensive End-to-End Solution
  • Information seamlessly flows within your business functionality: Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing, CRM, and Business Intelligence
  • Sales and customer support teams access Real-Time Pricing, Inventory Availability, Order Status, and more
  • Business Insights Explorer provides CRM users with your customer’s Sales History, Credit Status, Order Status, and more
  • Goods received can be designated as Fixed Assets and automatically flow into the financial information, immediately taking all allowed depreciation tax savings
Streamline Critical Business Processes
  • Streamlines the quote to order process
  • Ensures the front office user generates accurate quotes and orders
  • Eliminates dual data entry and reduces errors
  • Pushes service levels to new heights, improves loyalty and retention, and boosts sales


At the heart of Extended Enterprise Suite is core financials: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, and Fixed Assets. Sage MAS 90 systems combine the depth, functionality, and ease of use that you need in an effective business management software solution.

The financial modules include the following functionality:
  • Start with the basics and add modules to suit your specialized business needs
  • Manage your expenditures, by department or division, make cash disbursements, and write checks from multiple bank accounts
  • Streamline daily accounts receivable and personalize views and options to work the way you do
  • Track your company's tangible assets and automatically calculate their depreciation
  • Report W-2 wage and payment information electronically, prepared in the format required by the federal government
  • Automate, calculate, report, and remit sales and use taxes to more than 8,000 taxing jurisdictions across North America

Our distribution and eCommerce solutions give you the power to cut costs, build profits, and improve customer service and loyalty. The distribution modules include: Inventory Management, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Return Merchandise Authorization, Bar Code, Credit Card Processing, StarShip, and e-Business Manager with several applets.

  • Track inventory at multiple locations
  • Maintain detailed sales history for each customer, product, and product line
  • Automate your shipping process and save money
  • Increase sales with efficient credit card processing and access 24/7 online payment reports
  • Bring your company online with e-Business Manager
  • Allow customers to securely order online, get account status, browse products, and securely place orders

The manufacturing modules provide detailed and accurate tracking and reporting throughout the entire manufacturing process—from the supplier to the manufacturing floor to a sale. This solution offers a series of features that will help maximize efficiency throughout all stages.

  • Access detailed and informative reports for bill structures, component requirements, and production history
  • Get total visibility of inventory process for the receipt, movement, sale, removal and/or disposition of goods, plus precise inventory status and valuation
  • More effective purchasing and production planning
  • Accurately track all your shipping by name, date required, and recipient
  • Identify package in which item is shipped, print a packing list, and enter carrier tracking numbers for customer service inquiries
  • See up-to-the-minute, work-in-process information for assemble-to-order, engineer-to-order, or make-to-order processing


Designed to increase productivity and enhance functionality, these easy-to-use tools create an all-encompassing information management system for your business. Your CEO, CFO, sales directors, and operating managers will be able to easily view vital information to keep your company running optimally.

  • Quickly generate a report, view customer information, or provide executives with answers to “must-know” inquiries
  • Turn your ad-hoc inquiries into a powerful bar, line, area, or pie chart visual with one click
  • Keep your company, customers, and vendors in the know—set immediate inventory e-mail notification, place automatic orders with approved vendors, or confirm orders with customers via tracking numbers
  • Set up views on the desktops of your executives for easy access to information on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

Customer relationship management (CRM) increases efficiency in your customer-centric processes. Make significant strides in sales performance and customer service by tracking communications with customers and prospective customers.

  • Get immediate access to critical customer data
  • Increase productivity throughout your business with real-time data sharing
  • Improve data integrity and eliminate the potential for costly order processing errors
  • Gain remarkable efficiencies by allowing your salespeople to issue sales orders, perform customer inquiries, or view detailed orders and invoices without having to contact your finance or warehouse staff
  • Connect your sales force to the data in your accounting system to help productivity and profitability rise
  • Offer promotions to your special customers with one click


Sage MAS 90 ERP

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