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SKYLINE's powerful accounting system integrates all residential property management functions with a full accounting system to achieve greater internal control and improve operational efficiency.


Comprehensive accounting functionality - Utilize an "all-in-one" financial accounting system that includes detailed lease analysis, dependable accounts payable, timely billing, superior cash management and advanced general ledger accounting functionality for accurate and fast results.

Advanced general ledger features - Easily handle multiple properties with complex ownership structures and eliminate the possibility of a single accounting error at a single property interfering with other properties. SKYLINE allows for multiple budgets and prior years, simultaneous cash and accrual books, extensive audit trails and auto allocation.

Superior accounts payable functionality - Automate the payment of recurring invoices, and draw from a single fund or property account. Produce aging reports that indicate when payments are due, and maintain control over payments to be made with pre-check selection.

Sophisticated job ledger - Track expenses for tenant improvements, rehabs and build-outs, including detailed or summary budget comparisons. Adjust order security to track change orders and control expenses.

Increase cash flow - Achieve tight cash control with SKYLINE's on-line session processing. It streamlines the recording of payments, removing NSF checks, adjusting deposits, and reversing transactions.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) - Utilize ACH for accounts payable and accounts receivable for real-time posting of cash receipts and on-time collection.

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