Here are two ways of insuring the continuing health of your complete network. We make sure your technololgy is running efficiently and profitably while you concentrate on running your business.


Qualitech's fully managed program monitors, fixes, updates and basically takes care of virtually everything necessary to keep yourrrr system running efficiently without your having to check, fix, update or fix the things that can normally occur with any network. It covers servers, workstations, firewalls, copiers, switches and so on. It relieves your IT staff or serves as your IT staff and removes one major concern that can deviate your attention from building and maintaining your core business. Some features of fully managed are:

  1. Call us when you need us: No support hour agreements, no drive time, no hourly billing! The only items not covered would be major project work, home computers, things outside of your covered system.
  2. Managed services: Full monitoring and fixing including patch management which has become so much more important in the current hacker environment. If you do not have this now we will add without additional charge.
  3. Remote access support: Teamviewer would be managed on each machine, so we would not have to ask to have it started. We can work on issues when no one is there, before business hours.
  4. Budgeting: You have a fixed budgeted investment each month rather than not knowing your cost from month to month. Great for expense budgeting with a fixed monthly expense.
  5. Qualitech's exclusive Security Stack:
    1. Anti-Virus: We replace your current antivirus pay us separately for this now and, again, it would now be included for no additional charge.
    2. OpenDNS: Helps with detecting malware from the internet and avoiding ransomware when possible. It comes with the full coverage.
    3. Spam Filtering Service: - We monitor your email for viruses, spam and malware.

This allows us to keep a much closer eye on things to make sure that there are no problems. Often we can fix things before you even notice and call us! We would, of course, inform you any time we needed to do some work so you always know what is going on inside of your system. We will fix things remotely whenever possible which is quicker and easier.

It's the insurance you need to prevent serious downtime!


Qualitech offer a high level but affordable 24/7 monitoring of your complete network and any workstations that you choose. The monitoring constantly evaluates multiple aspects of your network and computers and instantly sends an email regarding the irregularity or failure of any vital part. Often, we can fix the problem even before you are aware of it or have someone at your site to correct the anomaly before it disrupts your business.

If you have an IT person or staff, we can send the notifications to them for immediate actions. Monitoring includes looking at updates and patches and be set to automatically apply them or alert you and us to their availability.

This provides you with the security and expense savings of getting things attended to before they cause an expensive repair and even more expensive business interruption.