Features and Benefits

Ellipsis is a total lease administration tool, merging the information needs of decision-makers with the latest trends in e-Commerce technology, providing for:

  • Day-to-day management and administration of lease data
  • The abstracting of leases associated with due diligence
  • The business-to-business exchange of lease data

Ellipsis is the ultimate resource, designed to gather, assimilate and manage large amounts of critical lease data.  Users who will benefit most include:

  • Organizations with a stake in day-to-day property operations: property managers, asset managers and lenders
  • Organizations with a stake in due diligence: those involved with the acquisition, disposition and financing of real estate (buyers, sellers, lenders, consultants, lawyers, and accounting firms.)

Users input lease information into Ellipsis once, and then again only when additions or changes occur.  Ellipsis then provides some of the most comprehensive reports within the real estate industry utilizing extensive query capabilities.  The lease information is then easily exchanged among different groups within an organization, or from business to business, whereby the lease abstraction process becomes one of data verification rather than data input.

Product Features

Longevity of Information

Gone are the days when lease abstracts are prepared for one purpose and then discarded.  Lease data input into Ellipsis is transportable.  Since Ellipsis was written to meet the needs of both property managers and due diligence providers, abstracted information can remain with a building indefinitely.



Reports generated by Ellipsis are unparalleled within the real estate industry.  Core reports include Lease Abstracts, Rent Rolls, Critical Date Reports, Historical Occupancy Reports, and Encumbered Space by Floor Reports, among others.  In addition, clause specific reports can be generated for any clause, which has been selected for abstracting by the user.  Portfolio level reporting is also available.

Consistency of Data Input

Ellipsis includes many features to insure that multiple users are abstracting leases in a consistent fashion. These features include a checklist of clauses to be abstracted, screen specific roadmaps guiding the user through the data input process, standard language point and click, and reference leases.

Open Database Architecture

Ellipsis provides for data migration between itself and other software systems, enhancing the usefulness of data maintained in these systems.


Argus Import/Export

Relevant data fields may be exported to Argus to assist in initial preparation of an Argus file.  Likewise Argus data may be imported into Ellipsis.

WinStack® Interface

With the click of a button, files are generated with building background data and tenant data, which may be imported into WinStack® to generate color stacking plans for the building.

Integration with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook

With the click of a button, building and tenant critical lease dates may be transferred to the calendar contained in Microsoft Outlook.  Import of dates into a different schedule manager may be achieved with minimal customization.

Document Imaging

Within Ellipsis, document references for any abstracted clause may be mapped to a directory and file containing scanned images of the actual lease documentation in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.  When the mapping exists, a single click will activate a window view of the linked source document.

Mail Merge

Ellipsis can provide your favorite word processor with mail merge files containing filtered information that is ideal for mass mailings to tenants as well as creating periodic letters such as Certificate of Insurance Expiration notices, Letter of Credit Expiration notices, etc.

Suite Management

When enabled by the user, Ellipsis can track and manage square footage within a building on a suite-by-suite basis, including re-measurements and market rents.

Building Service Contracts

Ellipsis includes a module for abstracting and reporting on service contracts for a building, such as janitorial contract or elevator maintenance contracts.

Lease Status Management

Based on lease dates, the status of a lease will be tracked and put into one of six categories: Lease Signed Not Yet Commenced; Leased and Occupied; Leased and Vacant; Lease Expired with Holdover; Lease Expired and Vacant; or Month-to-Month.

User Notifications

The system can notify the user of: Month-To-Month Tenants, Holdover Tenants, Expired Options, and Upcoming Critical Dates.


Ellipsis offers numerous worksheets for maintaining tenant lease information.  For example, worksheets are available to track: Certificate of Insurance expiration dates, Letter of Credit expiration dates, Operating Expense information.

Contact Management

Names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of tenant, landlord and service contract provider contacts can be tracked.  Correspondence sent to these contacts can also be tracked.

Technology Features

Written in JAVA

Platform independence will grow with internet technology and will facilitate web-enablement of entire application.


Ellipsis configures to the shape of the enterprise using it. No two firms are organized in exactly the same fashion.  The company using Ellipsis may:

  • Have one or more offices
  • Look at data for many owners (such as a broker or consulting firm) or for only one owner
  • Have one office managing several properties, or one on-site office for the management of each property
  • Have one office that is concerned with portfolio level data, which may or may not be the same as offices dealing with day to day management data


Users can freely move building and lease information within the enterprise and from business to business, without regard to geographical boundaries.

Security and Accountability

Ellipsis addresses security and auditing concerns by granting access to building files, portfolio files and specific screens only to authorized users.

Ellipsis - The Architecture Behind Lease Management

These features, among others, make Ellipsis the premier tool in the real estate industry for the abstracting and administration of lease data.