• PracticeMaster Basic integrates with:
    • Tabs3 Billing Software
    • Palm™ Handhelds
    • QuickBooks®
    • Paperport®
    • Outlook® and most e-mail programs
    • Blackberry devices (requires Outlook)
Ease of Use
  • PracticeMaster's easy to use interface gives you point-and-click access to your most common tasks.
  • A special Form Designer allows you to add custom fields and modify forms so you can track and organize client information the way you want.


  • View appointments for everyone in your office with a firm-wide calendar.
  • View calendars by day, multi-day, week or month.
  • Find what you're looking for faster by color-coding appointments by employee or type of activity.
  • Schedule appointments for one individual, selected individuals, groups or everyone in the firm and includes checking for conflicting events already scheduled, thus helping to keep the firm organized and limiting potential conflicts.
  • Drag and drop to reschedule appointments.
  • Sets multiple reminders for appointments so you remember to follow through on tasks before client meetings.
  • Define your own holiday schedules. Use federal, state, county or even jurisdiction specific criteria when creating reminders and due dates from one of the firm's calendar plans.
  • Uses security settings so people only see appointments for certain attorneys or clients.
  • Schedules recurring appointments.
  • Calendar can be synchronized with Palm Inc.'s Palm™ handhelds, Microsoft Outlook® or exported to other systems, such as Novell GroupWise®.


Conflict Checking 
  • Instantly find conflicts of interest with anyone in your firm.
  • One click drill down into the details of any conflicts of interest.
  • Search options, including "match partial words," "starts with," "phonetic check," and "contains," help to provide a more flexible and accurate search.
  • Phrase matching, such as "must match at least one word" or "must match all words," gives you the ability to be extremely specific in your search.


Client and Case Information
  • Stores contact information such as phone, mailng address and e-mail address for easy access.
  • Attaches files and e-mails to your client records so you can find them easily.
  • Instantly look up references to a person, including those in appointments, meeting notes and e-mail correspondence.
  • Synchronizes related party contacts with Palm™ Handelds and Outlook®.
  • Synchronizes clients with Palm™ handhelds and QuickBooks®.
  • Creates meeting notes for clients and cases.
  • Enter or paste notes (not specific to phone or e-mail records) as client notes in a free form text file with built-in spell checking.
  • Associate notes with a client and/or a related party (such as notes from a meeting with your client and opposing counsel).
  • Associates related parties with multiple clients.


Time Tracking
  • Stopwatch timers to track the time you spend on phone calls or Internet research.
  • Combine time from several timers to create one billing entry from your work throughout the day.
  • Manage stopwatches for multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Automatically create fees in your billing software from the time you track, and appointments on your calendar.
  • Sets minimum time increments for billing entries.
  • Cost transactions can be posted in Intuit's QuickBooks®.


Document Tracking 
  • Links documents and images to cases or clients so that you can find them easily.
  • Built-in document history tracking.
  • Scanned documents using Scansoft's® PaperPort imaging software can easily be attached to a document management record within a client file, making the image readily retrievable at any time.


  • Sends and receives HTML and text e-mails through PracticeMaster (compatible with most e-mail programs).
  • Use your existing e-mail address book.
  • File e-mails in PracticeMaster files while in Outlook®.
  • Spell check outgoing e-mail.
  • PracticeMaster automatically suggests which client an e-mail should link to based on e-mails in that client's file.
  • Links e-mails to contacts or cases.
  • Links e-mail attachments to contacts or cases.
  • E-mail in PracticeMaster works with Microsoft Exchange Server® or most MAPI compliant e-mail programs, such as Microsoft Outlook®, Eudora and Novell GroupWise®.


  • Client summary reports that show all activities and references to a client.
  • Calendar reports that show appointments for a day, week or month.
  • Task reports that show pending assignments.
  • Create custom reports using any PracticeMaster field.
  • Save reports in PDF, HTML or text files.


  • Restricts the ability of any user to view, enter, edit, or delete information for any client or case.
  • Limits access to any employee calendar.
  • Limits access to any client calendar.