Skyline Property Management Software



SKYLINE® Property Management software provides commercial, retail, residential and industrial property management, allowing you to capture a wealth of historic, present and future data for all properties.

SKYLINE Property Management functions as a dynamic lease management solution as well as a powerful accounting system. It is designed around three basic principles: improving your property performance, increasing your returns to investors, and exceeding tenant expectations.


SKYLINE Property Management offers:

  • real-time, web-based business intelligence dashboard that allows you to review and analyze performance, revenue and operations from a single screen.
  • Faster credit report processing, with online credit reports that are delivered instantly to your desktop.
  • Tracking of unit-specific information, including detailed data on future, current and former units, which enables managers to maintain accurate and detailed area measures.
  • The ability to organize multiple properties by designating a “property type” and “status" for each unit and occupant.
  • Extensive operational and financial reporting, including vacancy reports, multiple rent rolls, lease expirations, insurance expirations, property/unit/occupant reports and delinquency reporting.
  • Superior facilities maintenance management, which allows you to control costs and inventory levels, manage maintenance and repair costs, and ensure optimal inventory levels.
  • proven system that understands the unique nature of your investors and tenants, giving you everything you need in a single end-to-end solution.
  • Integrated and comprehensive functionality that easily manages leasing operations, accounting, reporting, facilities maintenance and daily operations.

SKYLINE Analytics
Real Estate stacking plan software, developed using the SS&C Technologies Heatmap technology, converts textual data into highly graphical color coded charts that offers real estate owners, property managers and leasing professionals the ability to instantly identify critical data and continuously monitor potential risks in a single property or across a portfolio of properties.