A major strength of Ellipsis is its reporting capability, which is unparalleled within the real estate industry.  The reports logically derive from, and are only possible because of, the structured manner in which lease information is captured and organized.  Furthermore, the Ellipsis report module is a separate application from Ellipsis itself.  In addition to the report module that ships with the program, users will be able to rent a web-enabled report module, allowing access to Ellipsis data from any machine with an Internet connection.

Financial Reports

The core reports are lease abstracts and rent rolls.  Rent rolls may be generated for the entire building or for a specific space category within a building (i.e., retail only, office only, telecom only, etc.) and may be sorted in floor order or alphabetically by tenant name.  Free-form notes may be included on the rent roll as defined by the user.

Sample Financial Reports:

Expiration Reports

Summary of square footage expiring in each year as well as the detail behind each year's expirations.  If the Master Suite List system option is enabled, the report can also compare the current market rent for each suite in the building against the contract rent currently in-place, sorted by expiration date.

Sample Expiration Reports:

Occupancy Reports

Track historical occupancy in a building.  Especially useful for determining the extent to which operating expenses may be grossed-up for the prior year.  Also useful for calculating pro-rata shares for retail malls when the denominator is based upon leased and occupied area.

Sample Occupancy Reports:

Critical Dates Report

Report of all critical dates for the building on a week-by-week basis over a time period specified by the user, which may be filtered by lease clause or prepared for all lease clauses.

Sample Expiration Reports:

Encumbered Space by Floor Report

A floor-by-floor summary of all space encumbered by expansion options, rights of first offer ("ROFO") and rights of first refusal ("ROFR").  This report is an excellent tool for brokers to use to determine if they may lease space free and clear of rights of other tenants.

Sample Expiration Reports:

Option & Encumbrance Reports

Ellipsis can generate a separate report of all termination options, renewal options, expansion options, ROFO's/ROFR's, relocation options and/or purchase options for a building.

Sample Option & Encumbrance Reports:

Clause Specific Reports

Ellipsis can generate a report for any clause that has been selected for abstracting by the user.  Therefore, if a user wanted a report of all tenants with parking rights within the building, or a report of late fee clauses for all tenants, such reports would be available.

Sample Clause Specific Reports:

Portfolio Level Reports

For those organizations that purchased the Enterprise Version, portfolio level reporting is available.  These reports allow the user to slice and dice the lease data for their portfolio with flexibility.  For example, if a company wanted a report of lease expirations for all tenants "Greater than 20,000 rsf" (rentable square feet) in the "East" region, such a report would be available.  Also, if the company wished to determine the percentage of tenant rentable square footage in their portfolio consisting of "dot-com" tenants, such a report would also be available.  Because Ellipsis allows users to define the portfolio categories, building space type categories and tenant categories as they wish, these cross-sectional reports can be tailored the needs of the Enterprise.

Portfolio Level Reports:

Other Reports

Ellipsis has a broad array of additional reports to help you manage every type of tenant and contact information common to commercial real estate.  These other reports include:

Other Ellipsis Reports: