Skyline Facilities Maintenance



If you are still manually managing your real estate facilities maintenance process, it is time to automate the process. SKYLINE Facilities Maintenance and Work Order Management system is integrated into SKYLINE's full accounting functionality, resulting in a unique end-to-end solution for real estate owners, property managers and tenants.

Using SKYLINE Facilities Maintenance, you can quickly enter maintenance requests, reserve the correct equipment and tools needed to do the job,and dispatch in-house or vendor service providers to the job site. Once the job is complete, record the details and any follow-up work needed. With a common database, the time and material expenses are immediately available for accounts payable or receivable transactions processing.


SKYLINE Faciliities Maintenance empowers you to:

  • Eliminate duplicate expenses and overhead costs from each branch, take advantage of discounted prices with frequently-used vendors, and better track open and paid invoices by streamlining the process through a central hub.
  • Deliver faster service via the Computerized Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS), without sacrificing quality or increasing expenses.
  • Automate every aspect of your facilities maintenance process, including work order and service call management and fixed asset and preventive maintenance.
  • Significantly improve your bottom line by gaining visibility into your operations and focus your staff on the business rather than the infrastructure.

Skyline Web Work Request

A web work request portal offers your occupants the ability to electronically submit and monitor work order requests via the Internet using the SKYLINE Facilities Maintenance Solution, the most advanced and comprehensive service and facilities maintenance software in the real estate industry.