Retail Property Management Software and Accounting Software


Need a full-service solution for retail property management? SKYLINE Retail is a comprehensive retail tenant and shopping center database, combined with a powerful general ledger and accounts payable accounting and reporting system,which maximizes cash flow and profits for owners and managers of retail properties.

SKYLINE Retail allows you to manage multiple leases with complex breakpoint clauses, optimize and diversify your retail tenant mix, monitor the sales performance of retailers and improve store tenant compliance with center guidelines. It also enables you to streamline your retail operations and reporting, resulting in improved decision-making and increased bottom-line profits.


SKYLINE Retail provides a number of industry-leading features, among them:

  • real-time, web-based business intelligence dashboard that allows you to review and analyze performance, revenue and operations from a single screen.
  • powerful accounting and general ledger system that integrates all retail property management functions with a full accounting system to achieve greater internal control and improve operational efficiency.
  • Automated monthly billing that calculates late charges and prints late notices to enhance cash flow.
  • SKYLINE Facilities Maintenance, a comprehensive tool for facilities maintenance and work order processing that fully integrates accounting functionality with retail property management.
  • Advanced financial reporting and custom report writing, providing detailed operational and financial information that can be packaged for specific requirements to improve retail management and bottom-line results.